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Sep. 26th, 2006

Lalala I am happy

My day sucked. But in orchestra, I got the best news ever:


7th chair! Not bad! And I don't have that big dick of a stand partner that I had last year! He's 4th chair. HE DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE! MY CONDUCTOR DOESN'T KNOW HOW BAD HE REALLY IS!


1. Plucked his strings. All the time. Had no respect for the conductor.

2. Played EVERY NOTE he played spicatto! Of course, his spicatto sounds really bobbly.

3. He's ugly. But I can't blame him for that. I can blame his mom though!

4. He critisized me on everything! Whether I played an open string or played two notes in a divisi section (weird habit of mine), he was there to let me know that HE wanted me to play it HIS WAY! Well WHOOPDEE FLIPPIN' DOO! We can all play and dress and talk exactly like him! And we can all become really ugly!

Like I give a shit...

I haven't met my new stand partner yet, and he CAN'T BE AS BAD AS HIM!

Sep. 1st, 2006

50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time

This is my very first review for ANYTHING, so it's not that good of a review.

Anyway, this was a fun past month-and-a-half. I'm very upset with a lot of the choices they made, but it was an enjoyable series. And some of these series I hadn't seen much of (e.g. 3's a Crowd(50)), so I learned more about them.

Concept: It was a great idea, especially because GSN spends so much time showing reality/casino shows. TV guide already had a 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time list (in which The Price Is Right(4) was #1), and it was fun to compare the lists. Jeopardy was #2 both times! 10/10

Host: Bil Dwyer of GSN's I've Got a Secret(21) seemed to be pretty in to the shows. I enjoyed watching him make fun of some of the shows (e.g. Family Feud(3), when he was being both the host and the contestant). So he was a good choice. 10/10

Set: I could be reviewing the sets of 50 different game shows, but I'm not. I'm reviewing Bil's set. It was...interesting. Nice big Wheel of Fortune in the background, but what the hell was a "go to jail" space doing on the wheel? Last time I checked, Monopoly never became a game show. 7/10.

Shows: This is the part that pisses me off. I know that this is just my opinion, but this is my review, so back off. First off, I felt that Who Wants to be a Millionaire? had too high (or low, in this case) of a slot. Watching it be at slot #5, lower than classics like Press Your Luck(13), The Gong Show(12), Password(15), Dating Game(10), Newlywed Game(9), Let's Make a Deal(7), Pyramid(8), Wheel of Fortune(6), and others. Sure, it revived primetime game shows, but it hasn't even been around for 10 years. Second, a few of these shows on the list were'nt even game shows! There's Love Connection(18), which I see as a talk show/game show hybrid (even the almighty Chuckness said he didn't consider it a game shows), but that's not the main problem. The problem: Dog Eat Dog(33). In my opinion, 100% reality show. 0% game show. My sister loves the show for some weird reason, but this pissed me off. And finally, the fact that they didn't show some of the shows. I know that GSN doesn't have lisence to some of the shows, but I'm gonna be mad even though it *might* not have been there fault. I noticed that they didn't show Beat the Clock, which they DO have the lisence to show. I was upset that they didn't show Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right, but when they didn't show Jeopardy, which they show every day, that ticked me off. 3/10

Average: 7.5/10

But now I am sad that it's over, and that I won't have anything to watch at 10 P.M. anymore...

So, that's my review!

Aug. 24th, 2006

(no subject)

I'm feeling randomly depressed right now...yeah... :-( I feel like ranting about GSN right now...again...if you don't care, go away.

If I wrote the schedule for GSN:

Shows that they should keep that they currently show:

Match Game
Body Language
Family Feud (Dawson & Combs)
Password Plus/Super Password
Press Your Luck(and Whammy)
Newlywed Game
Love Connection
Card Sharks

(Guess what? The schedule changed AGAIN! No more Beat The Clock and What's My Line? Now at 3 on Sundays they show...Get The Message and What's Going On. I'm a huge game show fan and I've never heard of those shows!)

What they SHOLD show:

Jeopardy (OLDER episodes, when Alex Trebek still had a mustache)
Hollywood Squares(Peter Marshall)
Tic Tac Dough
The Joker's Wild
Win, Lose, or Draw
Wheel of Fortune
The Price is Right
I've Got A Secret(Both versions that aren't the GSN version.)
Beat The Clock
What's My Line?

(There might be shows that I left out...)


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Chain Reaction


Hollywood Squares(Tom Bergeron)
Jeopardy(New episodes)
ALL reality and poker/blackjack shows


Aug. 20th, 2006

I'm a violin teacher now!

Yeah, I'm a violin teacher now! Sort of! I help my 10 year old sister out. She's on Suzuki book 2 and just learning trills. Also learning how to pluck double stops. She's very difficult to teach. And I might be teaching people the violin as a career.

As for me on the violin, yeah, I'm doing good. I'm on book 5, playing Vivaldi's Concerto in G minor 3rd movement (how I can remember all these names, I don't have any idea.), and it used to be harder than Vivaldi's Concerto in A minor 3rd movement from book 4(for other Suzuki violinists out there, the section with all the arpeggios), but now it's easier.

Off topic, on GSN's 50 Greatest Game Shows Of All Time, Press Your Luck is number 13! (I feel it deserves higher, though...) I can't wait to find out what number one is! Also, I'm getting pissed off with GSN's schedule. Why?

TOP TEN REASONS WHY GSN IS JUMPING THE SHARK ( go to www.jumptheshark.com if you don't know what I'm talking about)

10. It's ALWAYS changing!

9. They only show the new Hollywood Squares. (I admit not being the biggest HS fan, but I do prefer the older version)

8. Match Game isn't on Sundays at 11:00 anymore(8:00 for me, 'cause I live on the west coast and can watch everything 3 hours earlier (I can still watch it at its regular time))

7. They only show Ray Combs' Family Feud on weekends (I love Richard dawson's Family Feud, but I don't like is that it's shown more than Combs', is more popular than Combs'...and this act proves that whoever said that "People become more famous after they die" was a big liar. (His ghost will come to haunt GSN!!!))

6. All the Jeopardy episodes they show are too new (I miss Alex Trebek's mustache)


4. Too much Chain Reaction and Starface(Now I don't get my one hour of Love Connection OR my full hour of Match Game! The shows are pretty good, but GSN's just obsessed with original programming. They just couldn't get rid of their one hour of Lingo( I LOVE Lingo, but I've seen just about all the episodes))

3. Only 1 HOUR of Black and White. 1 HOUR! And only on Sundays! Where's the old I've Got a Secret?

2. Too many "Non Game Shows" (I mean who really watches Poker on TV?(besides my 6 year old cousin who taught my 12 year old sister how to play Texas Hold 'em) GSN stands for Game Show Network, not Gambling and Reality Shows and some Game Shows Network.

And the number 1 reason.....


1. TOO MUCH MILLIONAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did a calculation of how many hours each GSN show is on (because I have no life) and right now, it's on 18 HOURS IN A WEEK! More than any other show! I used to love the show, but it's on too much!

Yes, that's my rant! But every channel has flaws, and GSN's still my favorite channel.


(no subject)

God, isn't he sexy?

Umm, this is my first LJ post. And this post is dedicated to a man whose life has been taken recently. A man that was a big part of my life. I never knew him, but I enjoyed watching him on TV. A plane crashed off the coast of Santa Monica, CA, two lives were lost, a man and his wife. That man was......

...Peter Tomarken.....

Host of '80's game show Press Your Luck.

A man full of wit and charm.

I'd even go as far as to say...

He WAS Press Your Luck. Him and the Whammy, destined to be enemies for life. I feel that a Whammy was responsible for his death.

What if he wasn't ready to die?

At age 63, I feel he was too young to die.

His wife was only about 40.

At least he shall be with the one he loves for eternity.

Rest in Peace, Peter and Kathleen Tomarken.......

Yeah, first impressions always mean a lot. Now we all know that I am over-obsessive about the deaths of game show hosts and that I lhave no idea how to use images. ...umm yeah. Bye everyone! I need to go off into a dark corner and cry!


P.S. If you hated my post, screw you. At least I didn't show you my Ray Combs memorial.

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